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Native American Jewelry, Gifts - Maine Micmac Indian Crafts, Bear Claw Necklaces, Earrings

Land of the Dawn specializes in Native American gifts including antler, bone and bear claw jewelry and genuine Kingman turquoise. All of our crafts and jewelry are authentic, traditional Native American designs or originals crafted by Robert Norell, a Micmac Indian and native Maine artist and craftsman.

Our bear claw necklaces are made with real Maine black bear claws, genuine Maine deerskin leather ends and ties, sterling silver or brass beads with some having hand-cut deer anter buttons. Other Micmac Jewelry Robert makes include Kingman turquoise chokers, turquoise bracelets, bear claw earrings, genuine turquoise face watches and wristbands. Some of Robert's Native American Indian Crafts are: antler key chains and dream catchers. All of these products are authentic, handcrafted, and make excellent gifts.

Robert has designed a line of Native American Micmac Indian T-Shirts with authentic MicMac double-curve design. They come embroidered or screen-printed. Robert also has created a line of Native American tribal T-Shirts called Native Roots. The Native Roots T-Shirts are available with your choice of one of Maine's five Wabanaki tribes; Abenaki, Micmac, Penobscot, Malliseet and Passamaquoddy. The MicMac Indian Logo on the T-shirts also is available on our MicMac Coffee Mugs, Tote bags, and are among many other Native-inspired bumper stickers and decals. Display your Native American pride with these original and attractive designs.

We also welcome custom orders. Create and design your own Native American jewelry - necklaces, choker, key Chain, or wristband. Choose the type, size & color of beads, clasps, hairpipes and ties you like.

We are now taking Custom orders for the Native Roots T-Shirts with the Tribal affiliation or the State that you my like. Contact us for custom order quotes.

Land of the Dawn gifts are proudly made in Maine by Maine's first Native Mainers.