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Authentic Maine Black Bear Claws - Indian, Native American Jewelry

Bear Claw Pendants


Item No. BCP01 $42.00

This sterling silver capped bear claw pendant is 1.25 inches in length has a real turquoise cabochons and is Navajo handcrafted. The pendant does not come with Sterling silver chain.


Item No. BCP02 $49.00

Navajo handcrafted Sterling Silver capped bear claw pendant inlayed with two genuine turquoise cabochons. This pendant is 1.25 inches in length made with a real authentic black bear claw. The pendant does not come with Sterling silver chain.

Bear Claws, Authentic, Real & hand-drilled

Real authentic Maine Black Bear Claws are now available by themselves in small, medium and large sizes and come hand drilled with a 2mm hole.

Maine Black Bear Claws

Item No. MBS01 $13.00 - One Small Bear Claw
Item No. MBS02 $22.00 - Two Small Bear Claws

Item No. MBM01 $16.00 - One Medium Bear Claw
Item No. MBM02 $27.00 - Two Medium Bear Claws

Item No. MBC01 $23.00 - One Large Bear Claw
Item No. MBC02 $42.00 - Two Large Bear Claws


We also have Bear Claw Necklaces, Bear Claw Earrings and Bear Claw Key Rings!


Custom Orders Welcome. Create & design your own Native American Indian jewelry- Necklace, Choker, Key Chain or Wristband. Choose the type, size & color of beads, clasps, hairpipes & ties you like.
Now available; Custom orders for the Native Roots T-Shirts with the Tribal affiliation or the State that you my like. E-mail or call for custom order quotes.

Made in Maine - Crafts & Jewelry Products by Maine's first Native Mainers.

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