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Maine Indian, Native American Tribe Bumper Stickers and Decals

Wabanaki Decals & Stickers for the Tribes of Maine

The 6 X 4 inch bumper stickers come in the Wabanaki colors (Black-White-Yellow-Red) representing the 4 races of people and the 4 directions and are made with high quality vinyl. The Native Roots bumper stickers/decals are available in the following Maine Tribal affiliation. Abenaki, Micmac, Penobscot, Malliseet and Passamaquoddy. I also have designed a Maine Native Roots sticker for people with Maine roots and heritage. Some of the other stickers available are; a Micmac Logo decal, a Wabanaki bumper sticker and a Machegonne Portland, Maine 8,000 Years of History. All the bumper stickers are $4.50 or you can order any 3 for only $10.50.

Native American Abenaki sticker
Item No. BS01 $4.50

Native American Penobscot sticker
Item No. BS02 $4.50

Native American Passamaquoddy sticker
Item No. BS03 $4.50

Native American Malliseet sticker
Item No. BS04 $4.50

Native American Micmac sticker
Item No. BS05 $4.50

Micmac Logo
Native American Micmac Logo sticker
Item No. BS06 $4.50

Native American Wabanaki sticker
Item No. BS07 $4.50

Native American Maine sticker
Item No. BS08 $4.50

Native American Machegonne sticker
Item No. BS09 $4.50

3 Bumper Stickers
Item No. BS310 -
Your choice of 3 for $10.50


Single Color Vinyl Decals

All single color decals are screen-printed on a clear background and are available in three colors; Black, White and Red. The price for single color decals are $3.50 each or your choice of 3 for $9.00.

One Feather
Native American One Feather vinyl decal
Item No. DEC01 $3.50

Two Feathers
Native American Two Feather vinyl decal
Item No. DEC02 $3.50

Medicine Wheel
Native American Medicine Wheel vinyl decal
Item No. DEC06 $3.50

Native American Turtle vinyl decal
Item No. DEC04 $3.50

Native American Dreamcatcher vinyl decal
Item No. DEC05 $3.50

Native American Pow-Mia vinyl decal
Item No. DEC08 $3.50

Native American Eagle vinyl decal
Item No. DEC03 $3.50

Native American Decals
Item No. DEC10 -
Your choice of 3 for $9.00


Full Color Vinyl Decals

Medicine Wheel
Native American Medicine Wheel full color vinyl decal
Item No. DCR01 $4.50
Native American Turtle full color vinyl decal
Item No. DCR02 $4.50


Custom Orders Welcome. Create & design your own Native American Indian jewelry - Necklace, Choker, Key Chain or Wristband. Choose the type, size & color of beads, clasps, hairpipes & ties you like.
Now available; Custom orders for the Native Roots T-Shirts with the Tribal affiliation or the State that you my like. E-mail or call for custom order quotes.

Made in Maine - Crafts & Jewelry Products by Maine's first Native Mainers.

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